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Nanovea 3D Non-Contact Profilometers are designed with leading edge optical pens using superior white light axial chromatism. Nano through macro range is obtained during ISO and ASTM compliant measurement (Profile Dimension, Roughness Finish Texture, Shape Form Topography, Flatness Warpage Planarity, Volume Area, Step-Height Depth Thickness and others) on a wider range of geometries and materials than any other Profilometer. With the use of a large range of optical pens the Profilometer precisely measures an endless range of applications. Nanovea optical pens have zero influence from sample reflectivity, variations require no sample preparation and have advanced ability to measure high surface angles. Easily measure any material: transparent, opaque, specular, diffusive, polished, rough etc. Unlike other optical measurement techniques, large surface areas can be precisely measured without any imaging stitching. For applications exceeding Profilometer capability AFM integration is available to maximize measurement range. All Profilometers use the same Software and Nanovea PRVision is optional on most Profilometers for auto pattern recognition. Profilometer speeds range from 7mm/s to 1m/s for laboratory or research to the needs of hi-speed inspection on large surface areas. Nanovea Profilometers can be built with custom size, speeds, staging (rotational etc.), Class 1 Clean Room compliance, with Indexing Conveyor and for Inline or online Integration and now with true portability capability.

Nano through Macro Range


P3 | Fully Automated Roughness Measurement

P3 | Automated Surface Roughness Measurement
The P3 is a significant advancement with 3D non contact profilometry, providing automatic nano through micro surface roughness (ISO 25178) measurement and height data on nearly any material; a capability unavailable in the $20k market. The P3 will provide to a broader market in need of automatic nano through micro roughness data without the high cost associated with a complete Profilometer system. Input function includes: Area, Sample Size & Reflectivity. Output function includes: Roughness & False Color Height Map Learn more

Low Price Nano through Micro surface roughness measurement (ISO 25178) Fully automated with touchscreen Compact contained design • First of its kind

Jr25 Portable Profilometer

Jr25 Optical Profilometer | True Portable Capability
The Jr25 is the first truly portable high performance Profilometer of its kind. With an optional battery pack and carrying case, the Jr25 provides measurement capability rarely available during field study. The Jr25 is designed to easily utilize leading edge optical pens using superior white light axial chromatism measurement. With a total weight less than 5.5 Kg, the operator can safely place the Jr25 onto the surface under inspection. The Jr25 has the ability to measure an area up to 25mm x 25mm, and depending on the optical pen a depth up to 27mm and resolution down to 5nm. Focusing of the surface is achieved manually with a smooth touch micrometer and 30 mm travel range. With a fully rotational, single axis, head the Jr25 has the ability to measure surfaces at difficult angles. Along with quick and ease of use, the Jr25 has been designed specifically for production environments where samples cannot be moved and open field studies. The pen scanning head of the Jr25 can also be used to integrate on automated arms and other equipment.

• Weight less than 5.5kg • Footprint 27cm x 14cm • 25mm x 25mm XY • True portable non contact 3D measurement capabilities

PS50 Profilometer

PS50 Optical Profilometer | Limited Budget
The PS50 uses the same technology and software as the ST400, along with 50mm X-Y stages, the high-performance, PS50 is the ideal choice to replace stylus and laser profilers. The PS50 has a small footprint (30 x 25 x 27cm) and the option of running by laptop, which makes for an easy moving and installation where space is critical. Comes standard with 6” x 6” sample stage to accommodate multiple and or larger samples. Ideal option for budget limitations and small research facilities.

• Compact size • 50mm x 50mm XY • Upgrade Replacement From Stylus and Laser Profilers • Budget Friendly Leading Technology

ST400 Profilometer

ST400 Optical Profilometer | Nanovea Standard
150mm X-Y stages and a large coarse height adjustment to easily accommodate larger sample sizes and large scan areas. Standard and Piezo staging option available. The ST400 Profilometer also has an optional offset microscope or video zoom camera, with either manual or motorized zooms, to easily identify small features prior to measuring them and or creating Macros. AFM integration is an option to expand full measurement capability. The Custom ST400, a more open configuration, allows for the addition of larger X-Y stages to measure even larger areas, a 360° rotational stage for measuring spherical or cylindrical parts and many other custom configurations. Available with various automation options. Ideal option for diverse and expanding measurement needs.

• 150mm x 150mm XY • Various Options • Spacious Platform Area for Unique Sample Size • (PRVision) Image Pattern Recognition

HS1000 Profilometer

HS1000 Optical Profilometer | Hi-Speed Automated Inspection
For more on Nanovea's stand alone and inline automated optical inspection systems.