Surface Flatness

Surface Flatness, Warpage and Planarity measurement is broadly obtained with superior Nanovea Profilometers using Chromatic Confocal 3d Non Contact Technology. The lateral scanning technique used by Nanovea Profilometers allows user ability to easily measure small to large surfaces while providing user ability to control spatial resolution as well as the time of each scan. This along with our ability to measure almost any material (reflective, transparent, opaque, specular, diffusive, polished, rough etc.) provides and unmatched range of flatness, warpage and coplanarity measurement capabilities. Flatness can be defined in several ways, ranging from ISO 12781 to a simple false color 3D image.

Application Notes
Warpage Measurement of PCB With 3D Profilometry
Solar Cell Inspection With 3D Profilometry
Silicon Wafer Flatness With 3D Profilometry

Additional Surface Measurements:
Surface Roughness Measurement
Surface Profile Measurement
Surface Topography Measurement
Surface Volume Measurement
Surface Step Height Measurement

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