Surface Roughness

Surface Roughness, Texture & Finish measurement is broadly obtained with superior Nanovea Profilometers using Chromatic Confocal 3d Non Contact Technology. A roughness, texture, or finish value can either be calculated on a profile or on a surface. The profile roughness parameters (Ra, Rq others) are more common but are highly dependent on the location and orientation that the profile measurement is made. The area roughness parameters (Sa, Sq others) give more significant values due to the fact that it is an averaged value over the measured surface. Material reflectivity and surface shape is not an issue as the surface shape and form can easily be removed in software to accurately calculate 3D surface parameters based on ISO 25178, including roughness, peak to valley height, bearing, spatial and many others. Capable of over 130 2D  parameters under ISO 4287, ISO 13565-2, ISO 12085, ISO 12780 and ISO 12181. Surface area can also be easily calculated now with part of a new addition to the analysis package. Surface orientation and distribution can be analyzed by looking at waviness and or texture direction polar plot and an Abbott-Firestone curve.

Application Notes:
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